Kingrise Finance Limited assists clients worldwide who want to achieve their business financing objectives. We assist clients and brokers in their attempt to secure funding by working on their funding requests that may require innovative financing.

Are you seeking a solid issuer of Bank Instruments (BG, DLC, SBLC) which you can use as collateral against a loan or credit line? 

Are you seeking to establish a relationship with a strategic partner who has the capability of utilizing their capital resources or assets to fund domestic and international projects in the categories of startups, acquisitions, capital injection, housing developments, real estate, hotels, casino, restaurants, resorts, import/export transactions, medical  facilities, all kinds of construction projects, all kinds of energy projects, food production, agriculture, mining, petroleum, oil & gas, tourism and infrastructure.

PROJECT TYPE: We fund all types of profitable projects worldwide such as startups, acquisitions, business expansion, all types of construction projects, energy projects, Aviation, Agriculture, mining, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Hotels, Hostels, Restaurants, Condo, Real Estate etc. 

LOCATION: We fund any profitable business or project in all countries of the world except: Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Zimbabwe, Somalia, and North Korea.

At Kingrise Finance Limited, we have vast consolidated experience in the financial sector, our professionalism and experience are at your disposal to try to meet your every need even the most demanding.

We Specialize In

Personal Loan, Business Loans, SME Loans, International  Project Financing, Recourse and Non Recourse Loans, Letters of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Performance Guarantee Bond, Tender Bond Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bank Comfort Letter…

We Provide Loan Funding For

  • Start-ups
  • Small Businesses (SME’s) 
  • Medium and Large Businesses
  • Public and Private Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Agricultural Companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Energy companies 
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Companies across all Industries
  • Companies wanting to go Public

   Why Choose Us?

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Best Top Rated Banks
  • Competitive Low rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • 2 Days for Commitment
  • Extremely Satisfied Clients
  • 30 Years of Experience & Trust
  • No Financial Collateral Required
  • Solutions for every customer & every industry.
  • Loan amounts from $1 million to over $500 million
  • We have solutions for every customer in every industry.
  • Fast Approvals & Fast Funding- Closing in as little as 5 days

BROKERS: We welcome new brokers who are direct to their client. New brokers are welcomed and are rewarded with 2% commission on every deal they bring to us. Contact us if you want to know more. Email: